The Hong Kong Award for
Young People,


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HKAYP, HKUSU is a unit under The Hong Kong Award for Young People, and it is a member of the widely recognized International Award Association. The Awards Scheme consists of five sections, including services, skills, expeditions, physical recreation and residential project. Upon satisfactory assessment on meeting the Award’s requirements, participants will be invited to a presentation ceremony to receive the Award from the celebrities. The aim of the Awards Scheme is to cultivate youngsters with perseverance, promote the spirit of self-challenge and develop their potentials fully.

香港青年獎勵計劃是一個獲全球認受的考章計劃,它是愛丁堡公爵獎勵計劃國際協會的成員之一。計劃分為五科,包括服務科、技能科、康樂體育科、野外鍛練科及團體生活科。只要在每一科達到一定的標準,便能得到金、銀或銅章,金章的得獎者更可得到特區政府的嘉許。我們希望鼓勵同學藉計劃挑戰自己,發揮潛能,成為一位全面、『不平凡』 的人。